FBCP Kids Lesson for April 19, 2020


We can have faith knowing God is always with us.

“You are the God who does miracles. You show your power among the nations.” Psalm 77:14

The Israelites did not have an easy time as they traveled through the desert. But they always had a reminder of God’s presence with them – a pillar of cloud during the day, and a pillar of fire at night.

Exodus 13:21-22, 40:33-38, The Cloud of God

The Israelites had never set foot out of Egypt for generations. They had no maps to guide them on their way, and there were no road signs to point them where to go. God used a cloud by day and something else by night to lead His people to freedom.

READ EXODUS 13:21-22, 40:33-38

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a giant cloud outside your door. The cloud never dissipated, never went back up into the sky. It was there every day, in front of the camp, for all of Israel to see. Not only did the Israelites have a cloud to follow by day, they had a pillar of fire to keep them company at night. Day and night, the visible presence of the Lord never left them.

God wanted His people to know He was always there. He wanted them to trust Him enough to follow when He led them. The story of the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire reminds us that God is still with us. Even though we can’t see Him or even see his presence, we can trust He is always there for us.

The Israelites did not have an easy journey through the wilderness. There were many dangers along the way. There were times they wondered where their next meal would come from and when they would find water. There were dangerous animals, and even dangerous people who tried to harm them.

Day in and day out, the people could look out of their tents and be reminded they were not alone on this journey. The cloud never left their sight, and when sunset came, it changed into a pillar of fire. That doesn’t mean there weren’t times the Israelites were unfaithful to God, but God’s patience with those stiff-necked, stubborn people shows us that God’s love never wavers. He
remained with them in good times and bad. He loved them, and His love is unconditional.

The Bible is filled with stories of God’s faithful presence. When Daniel is cast into a den of lions in Daniel 6, God shut the mouths of the lions. When Daniel’s three friends were cast into a fiery furnace in chapter 3 of that same book, the king saw four men walking around inside.

Even in the New Testament, we see that God never leaves His people. God protected missionaries like Peter and Paul, even when they went to prison, so they could do His will. God never left His faithful servants, and He will never leave us. God is still present to this day in the hearts of believers, and when we place our trust in God, we can know for sure He is always with us.

We may not see God in a pillar of cloud, but we can look to the clouds and know He is watching us. We may not see Him in a pillar of fire, but we can feel His warmth in a campfire. God loves His people and He will never leave us. We may not see Him with our eyes, but we can have faith and know He is always there!

I miss you guys!! Can’t wait to see you all!!!!❤ Don’t forget to be singing and worshiping the Lord!!! Turn that praise music up and THANK THE LORD FOR HIS GOODNESS!!!!! ~ Amanda